PHASEFLEX® Test Assemblies

  • Freq up to 110GHz.
  • Longer service life with durable construction that resists crushing, twisting, and kinking.
  • Enhanced phase and amplitude stability with flexure and temperature.
  • 110GHZ 67GHZ 40GHZ

General Purpose Test Assemblies

  • Frequency up to 67 GHz.
  • Consistent phase and amplitude stability.
  • Decreased weight with smaller diameter for higher density applications.
  • Design flexibility with a variety of interconnect options.
  • 40GHZ 67GHZ

VNA Test Assemblies

  • Precision Measurements.
  • Performance to 67+GHz.
  • Extremely Stable.
  • Flexible, Low Spring Back.
  • Repairable.
  • Standard Lengths.
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