Founded in 1958, Gore is a technology-driven, innovative company dedicated to research and innovation. Gore is known for its GORE-TEX® brand, but our other products also excel in the market.

Gore has facilities in 30 countries around the world, with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Scotland, Japan and China, with sales networks in all regions including Taipei.


GORE is the world’s leading cable manufacturer with leading edge in high precision and high durability and stability. The high-frequency cable designed and manufactured by GORE adopts the high-precision wire material led by the latest material engineering technology ePTFE and patents in the world today to meet the different needs of customers in different fields, different durability applications and electrical characteristics and mechanical structure. GORE continues to use professional materials engineering technology and advanced research and development capabilities to create the most stable and durable wire products for the most sophisticated needs, such as the semiconductor high-frequency test industry and the aerospace industry.

As the agent of GORE in Taiwan, Honestco has been designing and recommending the different wire products that are most suitable for different applications for customers with more than ten years of technology and experience in high-frequency wafer measurement.

GORE’s Semiconductor testing Cable are divided into the following categories:

This is a wire used exclusively for high-frequency precision measurement, and it is also the most commonly used high-frequency cable for probe station measurement. Due to its high stability and reproducibility during measurement, it is the most widely used measurement component for high-frequency precision measurement.

GP wire has GORE patented ePTFE ionosphere material, which can provide wire insulation composition with dielectric constant close to 1. It also directly helps GP series wire to have the finest and softest use in GORE high frequency connection wire. Features. Compared to other homogenous products, GORE GP has the following characteristics:
A. The finest and softest wire: Since the GP series uses the GORE patented ePTFE ionosphere material, the GP series wire has the smallest Minimum Bending Radius specification, which is the smallest size and the best in the homogenous high-frequency wire. The best tool to reflect the softness of the wire.
B. High-precision measurement results and measurement stability: The reproducibility of calibration and measurement results in high-frequency measurement is the most important characteristic performance of all high-frequency measurement users, and also indirectly affects the measurement. Accurate results. Due to the innate nature of ePTFE, it can maintain excellent radio wave conduction stability in the conduction of electric waves, and directly make GP series wire have more stable measurement results than competitors. Since the calibration of the general VNA takes about 10 minutes, the phase stability of the wire and the repeatability of the measurement become the most important electrical specifications for users of high-frequency measurement. index. By choosing the GP series wire, you can avoid the precious time of repeating the instrument calibration.
C. Phase matching characteristics: GP series wires can be matched with phase-matched paired wires, and relative matching or absolute matching (Absolute matching) can be used as the specification standard for wire matching.
D. High-density docking connection application: GP series wire can be selected for high-frequency signal docking of high-density board end (PCB/load board/test board). Due to the highly precise manufacturing process and phase-stabilized measurement results, the GP series wire can make the high-speed/high-frequency signal bridge without causing the transmission speed difference between the signals and the conduction impedance of the signal attenuation.

In addition, GP series wire can also be equipped with vacuum measurement (such as aerospace measurement environment) or special options for high temperature measurement.

Typical Applications :
1. On-Wafer probing
2. PCB Probing
3. Aeronautical high frequency measurement
4. Board to board Connection
5. ATE (Automated Testing Equipment)
6. In-the-Box chamber
7. Load board
8. Environment Testing Chamber
9. Thermal Vacuum Chamber
10. Telecommunication
11. Evaluation Board
12. Optical module connection
13. Atena array
14. Test Bench
15. Clock distribution
16. Module-to-module interconnection
17. Back plane interconnection

The highest range of measurement bands in GORE products. The GORE PhaseFlex phase-stabilized structure itself is used to provide phase stability and the strongest mechanical structure.
This is also the most advanced and special product in GORE high frequency measuring wire. Using a high-precision 1.0mm connector, the 110GHz RF testing cable is a must-have for all millimeter-wave W-band measurements.

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