SemiProbe SemiAuto/FullyAuto Probe Station

Honestco agent US SemiProbe semi-automatic / fully automatic measuring probe station, mainly provides a precision automatic needle down system for wafer measurement level. The semi-automatic needle (SemiAuto) system has the advantage of replacing the manual probe station manual movement or controlling the precise movement of the lower needle, replacing the Z-axis needle movement that is time-consuming and often causes the probe to be damaged, and can also use the program. Control the servo motor for time-consuming corrections, significantly reducing the time required for probe measurement.

In addition, Honestco has developed a laser locator specially designed for semi-automatic needle down system to accurately detect the distance between the probe needle and the plane of the object to be tested to ensure that the probe system does not exceed the probe tolerance when the needle is lowered. Lower needle slip

RF component measurement probe station

Vacuum/High temp measurement probe station

Double-side probing

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