Double-side probing

Double sided testing with the PS4L can be performed on a single die to a full wafer employing a manual or semiautomatic test configuration. The PS4L can probe in a variety of combinations including top side only, bottom side only, or both sides simultaneously and supports both manual or programmable manipulators and probe cards in combination. Manipulators and probe cards can be positioned separately or together on either side of the device under test (DUT). Custom wafer carriers are available for single die, partial wafers, or wafers with hold-
down clamps to insure ease of use and stability. Stimulus and output measurements can be applied to the top and/or bottom sides. With its integrating sphere option, the flexibility of the double sided prober makes it ideal for an array of optoelectronic applications including horizontal edge emitting laser diodes (EELD) and vertical cavity surface emitting laser diodes (VCSEL) testing.