Honestco 5G NR Verification platform

5G New Radio is the abbreviation of the fifth generation wireless communication system. The research and development of 5G NR focuses on the following points, from the new frequency band (millimeter wave) to wider bandwidth and new beamforming technology. But these new technology goals also bring significant design and testing challenges.

Try to imagine the future 5G life. One morning, you will get on the car and tell the self-driving cars car to go to the company. At this time, the car is using 5G network combined with Internet of Things (IOT) technology to communicate with other cars on the road, and you wear the Virtual Reality( VR ) glasses are participating in a large-scale foreign seminar using the 5G mobile network.

In this short one minute, we imagined the convenience brought by the new 5G technology, but the key technology needed for these conveniences is how to transmit ultra-large data synchronously in a short time, reaching near zero delay. In this situation, the ultra-wide radio bandwidth is the primary requirement. In order to achieve ultra-wideband, we will develop into the less-used millimeter-wave band in the future 5G band.However, the transmission of millimeter waves has a fatal flaw. The higher the frequency of the wireless, the greater the energy loss in the air. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the beamforming technology was born. The traditional 2G~4G and the new generation 5G The wireless transmission mode is as shown in the figure below. Beamforming is a technique that concentrates electromagnetic wave energy in a certain direction, so it can solve the problem of excessive millimeter wave propagation loss. In the wireless propagation of beam energy concentration, the millimeter wave propagation physics The phenomenon will need to be explored, and the question of how to track users in high-speed mobile vehicles will become a key technology for 5G new radios.

Honestco  and Industrial Technology Research Institute jointly developed this fifth-generation wireless communication system development and verification platform. This platform can be used for the development and verification of 5G wireless communication system simulation and algorithm, such as time domain/frequency domain synchronization, channel estimation. Measurement and beam tracking, etc., can also be used to develop millimeter-wave channel measurements. Compared to other instrument manufacturers’ solutions, our system has a smarter body, a more convenient interface and a more favorable price.

The platform is divided into two modules, one for the C1056A (supporting software radio below 6 GHz) and the other for R1028A (millimeter wave transceiver module).The C1056A supports 2×2 MIMO and can scale up to support 8×8 MIMO with 56MHz bandwidth per channel. The R1028A is a front-end module of a 4×4 dual-polarized antenna unit with equivalent omnidirectional radiated power up to 35 dBm.

  R1028A Datasheet C1056A Datasheet

R1028A-mmWave TR Module

C1056A Sub 6GHz SDR

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