T PLUS RF Probe/Probe Card

T PLUS is the international marketing brand of TechnoProbe, a famous Japanese probe card manufacturer. It has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in precision manufacturing of high-frequency measurement probe cards and probes. It has more than dozens of professional manufacturing engineers. With the Keysight measuring instrument PNA-X 2 port up to 325 Ghz and 4 port up to 67 Ghz and a variety of high-frequency, high-temp, low-noise, for the world’s precision high-frequency measurement The pin/probe card provides the best C/P value and best service product, including the shortest delivery and high frequency probe repair service.

The most special feature of T PLUS’s high frequency probe/probe card products is the customization capabilities. At present, our company can undertake 10 RF Port in one probe and probes such as adjustable dual RF port, which are the only innovative products in the industry.
The product categories are as follows:

 Product Introduction

  • High Frequency Probe
  1. 26GHz
    • Single RF Probe |TP26A Series | TP26V Series
    • Dual RF Probe
  2. 40GHz
    • Single RF Probe|TP40A Series | TP40V Series
    • Dual RF Probe
  3. 50GHz
    • Single RF Probe|TP50A Series | TP50V Series
    • Dual RF Probe
  4. 67GHz
    • Single RF Probe|TP67A Series | TP67V Series
    • Dual RF Probe
  5. 110GHz
    • Single RF Probe|TP110A Series | TP110V Series
  6. Waveguide probes
  7. DC Pin header and bias circuit|MC14| MC26  | MC34
  8. DC+RF customized probe
  9. Adjustable Dual RF Probe
  • High frequency probe card
  1. The probe card is the wafer MMIC performs the high-frequency measurement probe card required for the automatic measurement process before leaving the factory. T PLUS’s high-frequency probe card can be customized for customers, with a maximum operating frequency of 67 GHz. It is the shortest delivery time in the industry. It does not require NRE Mask fee. The most economical production and consumption of consumables. The metal engineering material probe card has an average life span of more than 1.5 million stitches.
  • High-frequency optical communication module TOSA/ROSA QSFP package measurement and measurement tool
  1. T PLUS Optical testing fixture is mainly used for mass production group testing after optical communication module packaging is completed. It can help optical communication module manufacturers to perform module S parameter detection before leaving the factory to ensure that the finished products are finished. Feature requirements. The feature of T PLUS Optical Testing Fixture is that it can be customized according to the customer’s modular Pin-Payout. It can achieve a single point to complete all functional tests including functional tests such as hot-testing without using or purchasing expensive probes. The table or the probe operating arm can be easily used even by an inexperienced production line worker without causing damage to the probe.

Data Sheet

Parameter TP26 Series TP40 Series TP50 Series TP67 Series TP110 Series
Frequency DC-26GHz DC-40GHz DC-50GHz DC-67GHz DC-110GHz
Insertion Loss(Typ) >0.8dB >1dB >1dB 1.3dB 1.3dB
Return Loss(Typ) <20dB <18dB <18dB <18dB <18dB
Configuration GS, SG, GSG etc… (Custom configuration available)
Connector SMA K (2.92mm) V (1.85mm) V (1.85mm) 1mm
Pitch 50-1000 50-1000 50-1000 50-500 50-250
Calibration Substrate Available Available Available Available Available
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