How critical is data transmission for system performance in military aircraft?

System’s designs using conventional standards such as Ethernet and Fibre Channel may assert that they function similarly in an aircraft environment and an office environment. On aircraft however, the unpredictable EMI sources, fluctuations in power supplies and temperature extremes require higher safety margins to protect performance.

With regards to INSTALLATION, the first choice is making sure the cable performs to standards

Throughout the aircraft SERVICE LIFE, the cable assembly is exposed to rigorous environments.

GORE® Aerospace Ethernet Cables are engineered for the increasing data demands of modern airborne digital networks. They meet the military and civil aerospace markets’ emerging need for higher data rate cables that provide superior electrical performance in a lightweight, flexible, and routable package. Gore’s cables can handle rigorous flexing during routing with a tight bend radius as small as 0.5 inches (12.7 millimeters) without breaking or failing — ensuring proven performance after installation and over time in mission-critical systems.

Resources – White Paper:

Gore has published a White Paper: Designing the Right Ethernet Interconnect to Increase High-Speed Data Transmission in Military Aircraft. It evaluates key designs and electrical performance of leading high-speed aerospace connectors to assist designers in selecting the best option for a specific application. The white paper also assesses electrical performance for connector-cable compatibility.


EDI CON China 2019 (電子設計創新大會)

誠意實業於 EDI CON China 2019 盛大展出最新 T Plus高頻量測解決方案、多模式高頻量測探針卡等

另外,法國 Vectrawave  應用於5G New Radio IC 晶片也同場展出,歡迎蒞臨參觀指教。

#攤位號碼 326


2019-OFC-The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition

誠意實業於OFC-The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition 協同廠T+ 展出高頻量測解決方案包含T Plus高頻探針與量測治具、客製化量測需求…等,歡迎舊雨新知來共襄盛舉

#展出日期: 3/5~3/7, 2019

#攤位號碼 T+ OFC booth No. 5824

#地點:San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA


Honestco 5G NR驗證平台


此平台分成兩個模組,一個為C1056A(支持6GHz 以下的軟體無線電)另一個為R1028A (毫米波的收發模組)。C1056A可支持2×2 MIMO, 最高可擴充至支持8x8MIMO,且每一通道均有56MHz的頻寬。R1028A為4×4 雙極化天線單元之前端模組且等效全向輻射功率最高可達35dBm。


44th ECOC 2018 – European Conference on Optical Communication 2018 (2018歐洲光纖通訊展)

誠意實業與T PLUS於44th ECOC 2018 -European Conference on Optical Communication 2018  (歐洲光纖通訊展) 攤位編號712盛大展出最新探針卡、100G QPSK光通訊模組測試治具、TDR模組測試用治具、搭配光通訊收發器使用之測試治具、客製化探針包含單/雙訊號、可調式探針…等,歡迎現場𦲷臨指教。

#展出日期: 9/23~9/27, 2018

#攤位號碼 : 712

#地點: 羅馬展覽中心,羅馬展覽及會議中心 (第三展廳)
東入口 Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffel 79, Roma
西入口 Via Portuense 1645-1647, Roma



CIOE -China Internation Optoelectronics Expo 2018 (中國國際光電博覽會)

八月 27, 2018/在: 展覽, 新聞, 產品 /

誠意實業於CIOE -China Internation Optoelectronics Expo 2018 (中國國際光電博覽會)協同廠商富泰科技展出高頻量測解決方案包含6吋探針台、T Plus高頻探針與TOSA/ROSA量測治具、VCSEL文宣簡介、客製化量測需求…等,歡迎舊雨新知來共襄盛舉

#展出日期: 9/5~9/8, 2018

#攤位號碼 會展中心1號館1C20

#地點:深圳會展中心 (廣東省深圳區福田區福華三路)

EDI CON China 2017 (電子設計創新大會)

誠意實業於 EDI CON China 2017 盛大展出最新 T Plus高頻量測解決方案、多模式高頻量測探針卡等

另外,法國 Vectrawave 高頻 MMIC 晶片同場展出,歡迎蒞臨參觀指教。

#展出日期 4/25-4/27

#攤位號碼 428

#地點:上海跨國採購會展中心 Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, Chin